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Who doesn’t love food? Food is one of those things that brings people together.

Doodle pool:
Back in November I decided it was time that the production team at mu church had a meal together as a group. Since being at the church I attend we have not had a single production team chill night. Having tried to organise one before with little up take I decided to try again. 

A really handy online app I’ve used over the years is doodle poll. You simply put your dates in. Send people a link and wait for them to fill it in, sounds simple! The reality is only a few people filled it in, well better than none.

Risking it:
With my completed doodle poll I had 2 options, book a table for the few or risk it and book a lager table praying that more turn up.

Now I’m not sure if I was bonkers as at one point it nearly looked like it might be just two of us. Now that’s not a bad thing but it’s not the team. I was nervous! What if no one turns up.

The hardest part was phoning the restaurant and giving them a number of people. What do you say 1 or 10 or play it safe and say 5. I took the risk and booked a table for 10.

Just eat together:
When I started to write this post I decided to look up Just Eats brand values. On their website within our brand is a section titled ‘Bringing people together.’ Just Eat say
‘we’re all about bringing people together around food and food occasions. Food never looks more sad than when it’s sat on its own’.

Several years back Canada launched a campaign called #eattogether. On their website they say ‘It’s at the table where we can turn a house into a home, a stranger into a friend, and a village into a community. But more than anything, eating together simply connects us’. 

Both of these organisations albeit with different aims, see food as a way of connecting people, building community. In the bible we read various times of Jesus sharing meals with all sorts of people from his own disciples to tax collectors. Food not only physically nourishes the body but when shared it nourishes the soul.

More than expected
So, you’re probably keen to know what happen with the team meal. Well, 9 people turned up. Not only was great food eaten but conversation flowed. This meal was not about talking tech, how to mic the drums or if comic sans is still the best font. This was time to build community, build relationships, get to know one another. 

Whatever size of church, whatever size tech team I highly recommend organising a meal. Not only will it be fun, but it will help to develop and strengthen relationships. It allows space for people to get to know each other outside of the busyness of serving in church.

So why not start organising your team meal!

Anthony Lear

Anthony lives in Sheffield with his wife Fiona and there 2 daughters. He works for AVMI within as a Event technician. Anthony is the founder of Church Tech UK, an initiative designed to support, develop and equip those that work and volunteer within a technical capacity in UK Churches.

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