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The days of the bright, luminous, orange paper on the church notice board have passed. Clipart is no more, and comic sans has been banished to the font bin. Graphic design is one of those thinks that can often take more time than needed and if your like me and you are fussy you end up with […]

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Avolites Titan One

From the start of this review I will make it clear that I LOVE Avolites products. In all my years of doing lighting Avolites has been my prepared goto consoles manufacturer. Like many firms they have had their ups and downs but I really am a fan of their products. Avolites have a great product […]

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Enttec D-SPLIT

Around 4 years ago I started looking around for a quality budget DMX splitter for a low budget install. Most DMX splitters I came across were generally 19″ rack units which were often the same but with a different badge on or were very expensive. I then happened to stumble across what is now always in […]

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