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In Ear Monitors – advice, tips and tricks – PT3

iem final pt3

Here is the final part in the mini series on IEMs that we have been doing. If you have not read the other 2 parts please do read them.   Mixing IEM’S – stereo. In the last post I looked at using ambient mics as well as not having a full mix in your ears (less […]

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A Massive Curve Ball

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A Curve Ball

Life… oh how easy it would be if everything was simple and easy, and life never threw a massive curve ball. This week things decided to change for both my wife and me as I became unemployed, a fairly big curve ball I was not expecting to happen! Over the last few months, my wife and […]

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In Ear Monitors – advice, tips and tricks

If you read the last post then you will have beware that we are currently looking at the world of IEM’s. Continuing with this series over the next several posts I will be giving a range of tips and tricks that have helped me when working with IEM’s. Different sound engineers of course will each have […]

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In Ear Monitors – an overview – Pt 1

In Ear Monitors

So Easter has passed, the chocolate has disappeared  and the children are back at School. Well if you follow Church Tech UK on Facebook or Twitter you may have recently seen a picture that I posted showing my new set of Shure In Ear Monitors. I had been toying with the idea of getting a set […]

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Backup backup backup – part 3

Is it me or does it feel like 2016 is disappearing fast, where did February go ? I was never sure how long this series of blogs should be but feel that this week is the last one.   Redundancy: A common alternative word often used instead of backup is redundancy. Redundancy the aspect I […]

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Latest Review

The days of the bright, luminous, orange paper on the church notice board have passed. Clipart is no more, and comic sans has been banished to the font bin. Graphic design is one of those thinks that can often take more time than needed and if your like me and you are fussy you end up with […]

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