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Back to Basics: Console Config – Inputs

Console config

Being organised is something that for many is natural and easy. For others, like myself it’s not one of our positive points. In this Back To Basics post I am focusing on console config. When I refer to config, I am talking about how we layout out channels and utilise our outputs.   Analogue style: […]

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Back to Basics: analogue and digital consoles

Back to basics quote

A few years ago I was working on the TV digital switch over project around Manchester and Bolton. One of my roles many roles involved visiting homes and setting up their TV with a digital box. Many homes either already had a digital tv or just needed a digital box plugging in and setting up. […]

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New Year, new challenges, new opportunities.

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Happy new year

As I get older the years seem to pass by much quicker. As a child, the wait from January until Christmas seemed like a lifetime. For a lot of people, the days between Christmas and New Year provide space to relax, catch up and take stock. The sermon at my church on New Year’s Day […]

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Song words – tips and tricks

Song Words

There are many things that look easy until you actually do it, one of those is operating the song words. As a youngster I operated the words at church, although the technology was not over advanced, being an OHP. The skill came when you had a song on multiple sheets and the chorus was only […]

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Christmas Planning

As I get older, Christmas somehow seems to arrive earlier and earlier every year. Looking at my calendar, December already looks to be a potentially busy month which brings much joy.   Prepare ye the way… With so many services, concerts, events, and parties happening its really important to plan the tech side early. The […]

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Latest Review

The days of the bright, luminous, orange paper on the church notice board have passed. Clipart is no more, and comic sans has been banished to the font bin. Graphic design is one of those thinks that can often take more time than needed and if your like me and you are fussy you end up with […]


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