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Sound Consultancy is part of Resound Media Ltd, founded by Andy Baker in 2005. Since 2010, Sound Consultancy has helped a scores artists to make great records, reach new fans and build partnerships with key players in the music industry. Our unique approach to artist development gives acts a much-needed vehicle to drive their music forward working through the 4 phases of Music, Mentoring, Branding and Promotion.

Our vision is simple: to work alongside artists in fulfilling their potential.

We enable artists to maintain ownership of their work and stay firmly in the driving seat, whilst benefiting from input and support at every turn. Artists working with our experienced team can leave behind the feeling of going round in circles and embrace a new, proactive and empowered way of working.

Our commitment to helping artists was highlighted further in 2014 with the launch of Rocket Fuel, a website dedicated to enabling acts to find the funding they need for their musical journey.

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