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Well a new year has dawned once more and as I write this on Jan 1st, what better place than at 32,000ft heading towards Chicago. New Year’s Eve for my wife and I was spent rather differently this year as we were in the wonderful New York City. It was our first trip to the […]

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What you’ve got – Part 2

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After writing the last blog post I felt I need to do a 2nd part, there may even be a third… People, volunteers, love them or hate them, churches run and live off of volunteers. From my often vague memory (I am nearing 30), I do not remember a time or a Church who has never […]

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What you’ve got


With so many new devices, gadgets and toys coming out all the time around I often find myself looking at things and thinking, that would be cool, that make my life so much easier, that would sound so much better. As great as new technology is, keeping up with the Jones can become very expensive. […]

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