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What, who’s birthday? Well 2 years to the day I published the first post on the CTUK website so today is CTUK’s birthday. In reality it was probably a year before that I started doing the some groundwork and planning. The simple reason CTUK exists is out of a desire to help and support church […]

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How to build your volunteer production teams

When have you ever heard any church team complain about having too many volunteers? At your church on Sunday, were there eight people waiting at the car park for you? Not only to show you the nearest space, but to offer to park and clean it for you? Were there four people serving you your […]

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Back to Basics: EQ


Q: It can enhance and it can destroy, what is it? A: EQ Every sound console has some form of EQ control. Depending on the level, spec, and type of console you have, the amount of control can vary from a very simple 2/3-band eq (fixed low, mid, high) to a multiband parametric eq. It […]

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Christmas Planning

As I get older, Christmas somehow seems to arrive earlier and earlier every year. Looking at my calendar, December already looks to be a potentially busy month which brings much joy.   Prepare ye the way… With so many services, concerts, events, and parties happening its really important to plan the tech side early. The […]

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Church Tech or Tech Church

A recent post on the CTUK Facebook in relation to church websites promoted a brief discussion on how we choose the church we attend. Part of the comment made was “I identified the style of churches we wanted to try out via the internet and then chose the ones to try out based on their […]

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