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Life is Messy

I started writing this post the other year but never for some reason finished it probably because life got busy and messy. Since I started writing this I became a father to a very cute little girl who is nearly 14 months old. Now I’m not a tidy person by any means, our house is […]

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Church Tech or Tech Church

A recent post on the CTUK Facebook in relation to church websites promoted a brief discussion on how we choose the church we attend. Part of the comment made was “I identified the style of churches we wanted to try out via the internet and then chose the ones to try out based on their […]

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What you’ve got


With so many new devices, gadgets and toys coming out all the time around I often find myself looking at things and thinking, that would be cool, that make my life so much easier, that would sound so much better. As great as new technology is, keeping up with the Jones can become very expensive. […]

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As a first post I pondered what to write. Should I do a really great tech article, something on leadership, a tech review or something else. What you are reading is what I fell on my heart. Church Tech UK is a new website that I hope will become a useful resource for the church […]

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