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Blackmagic ATEM midi OSC control

If you have been around in the tech world for a while you would have probably heard of Blackmagic, if not Blackmagic is in some ways the Behringer of the video world. The common devices most techs will come in contact with are their convertors and the ATEM switchers. The ATEM switchers (bar one) are […]

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Backup backup backup – part 3

Is it me or does it feel like 2016 is disappearing fast, where did February go ? I was never sure how long this series of blogs should be but feel that this week is the last one.   Redundancy: A common alternative word often used instead of backup is redundancy. Redundancy the aspect I […]

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Backup backup backup – part 2

So its taken a bit longer than planned to past this second part, mostly due to a busy few weeks at work with installations and meetings. If you read the last blog post then you will remember that I started looking at various ways to backup your computer files, and looked at the following 2 solutions […]

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Backup backup backup – Part 1

backup drives

When was the last time you took a backup of your documents, photos, music? Working for an IT company there is often talk around backups and making sure that backups are working and correct. Over the last few years I have seen an increase in people becoming more conscious of doing a backup of their […]

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