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Live streaming and licences

In recent months I have seen a number of Facebook posts about UK churches wanting to stream their services online. From a technical aspect many churches have some idea of what they need to buy and setup. The issues come through when looking at licensing. As part of our work at CTUK we want to […]

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Back to Basics: EQ


Q: It can enhance and it can destroy, what is it? A: EQ Every sound console has some form of EQ control. Depending on the level, spec, and type of console you have, the amount of control can vary from a very simple 2/3-band eq (fixed low, mid, high) to a multiband parametric eq. It […]

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What i’m listening too

Over the last several months I have been travelling quite abit for various jobs and meetings. Much of my traveling is often by car and so I end up using this time to listen to podcasts.  I often go through stages where I will listen to the latest episode. Then like normal, life will change […]

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