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As part of our work at CTUK we want to make sure that churches and techs are getting the right info and where needed abiding by laws. With this in mind we reached out to the team at CCLI in 2017 to get some clear clarification on what can and cannot be done, and also what licenses are required. In March 2020 they gave us the latest update. All information below is correct as of 23rd March 2020.

With churches in the UK no longer meeting together in the same building, the demand for a streaming solution has become significant. In response to this, CCLI are now able to offer a solution to the issue of  ‘synchronisation rights’, (putting the audio and video together) which has previously been the legal grey-area for churches wishing to stream or webcast services that include copyrighted worship songs.

Finally I would like to say thank you to CCLI for the below information. Should any of the below not make sense or you require more clarification, please contact CCLI directly. Of course if there are any changes to the below we will publish updates on this post.

CCLI’s response and information

1 – The rights required to audio-stream music are included in the Limited Online Music Licence (LOML) available from PRS for Music.

2 – To stream any images alongside audio brings in the Synchronisation right.
Following the impact of Coronavirus in the UK, CCLI have introduced a Streaming Licence which covers the synchronisation right on behalf of the 3,500+ rights holders and publishers included in the CCLI Church Copyright Licence (CCL), and which now covers more than 500,000 worship songs and hymns.

This means that, when combined, the new CCLI Streaming Licence and the PRS for Music LOML offer a solution for churches to stream their services as video and audio.

Further, these licences permit you to stream or webcast on platforms which are normally intended for personal, domestic use only. These licences are therefore usually required whether you are streaming from your church website or via video-sharing or social media platforms such as YouTube or Facebook Live. CCLI recommends always checking the terms and conditions of the site you wish to use for streaming/ webcasting, and never assume that such sites permit you either to upload copyrighted-material or play content from them in a public setting without these additional permissions.

3 – The distribution of lyrics, which is an additional right, is also covered by the CCLI Streaming Licence, meaning that churches can include the song words in their live stream or webcast to enable viewers to sing along.

i) It is now possible to get a licence solution for the video-streaming of services.
ii) This solution requires two separate copyright licences: A Streaming Licence from CCLI and a Limited Online Music Licence directly from PRS for Music.
iii) The CCLI Streaming Licence is a supplementary licence to the CCLI Church Copyright Licence, held by more than 25,000 churches in the UK for the reproduction of hymns and worship songs, and covers streaming and webcasting of all songs authorised under the Church Copyright Licence.

For further information:

PRS for Music:

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