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What, who’s birthday? Well 2 years to the day I published the first post on the CTUK website so today is CTUK’s birthday. In reality it was probably a year before that I started doing the some groundwork and planning. The simple reason CTUK exists is out of a desire to help and support church techs and churches in using tech.

Over the last 2 years I have posted a variety of content some which you may find fantastic and other bits that you may think ‘that’s wrong’ or ‘I don’t agree with that’. Actually it’s great to have and see discussion and conversation about the content on the website. The reality is I don’t hold all the knowledge in the world on every tech aspect, but as the CTUK community grows so will the knowledge base. Since the website has been live, according to the Statistics at the time of writing, on the website, there have been 35,820 visitors with 234,809 visits. These numbers are far bigger than I would have ever imagined.

CTUK is not just the website as the social media aspects play an important role in reaching techs and churches. Similar to the website the Facebook page currently has 569 likes, and the group has 455 members. These numbers keep growing week on week which I feel not only shows the importance of CTUK but that people are interested in CTUK, and hopefully the content is helpful.

Running the website, and all the social media channels is quite a challenge and there are times where you may notice long gaps in posts or content. What does inspire me to keep going is the growth and the fact that hopefully it’s making an impact

We need your help, and I need your help. Currently much of the content has been based around what I guess I have felt is needed. What I want to do is get information from the people who read it and find out what content you want. To help in this I have put together a questionnaire, which If possible I would love as many people to complete.

The information is mainly based around the website but the information will help us to get an idea of what people want to read and see.

As we enter our third year I want to say thank you for all those who have support CTUK so far. There are a variety of ideas, which I hope to work on in the next several months, and your time in filling out the questionnaire will aid this.

So Happy Birthday Church Tech UK!

Here’s to another year!


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Anthony Lear

Anthony lives in Sheffield with his wife Fiona and daughter Naomi. He works for Hawthorn within the event projects team as a Project technician focusing on Video. Anthony is the founder of Church Tech UK, an initiative designed to support, develop and equip those that work and volunteer within a technical capacity in UK Churches.

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