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Over the last several months I have been travelling quite abit for various jobs and meetings. Much of my traveling is often by car and so I end up using this time to listen to podcasts.  I often go through stages where I will listen to the latest episode. Then like normal, life will change and I will end up falling behind. Anyway, I though I would give you a run down  on what I am listening too at the moment and a few thoughts.


Foundations Daily – http://stthomascrookes.org

This is a 5-10 minute podcast released Monday -Friday. It is produced by the church I attend (St Thomas Crookes, Sheffield). Foundations Daily is a daily devotional  aimed at inspiring, challenging, and getting you ready for the day ahead. Each week has a different presenter from the STC staff team. At the time of writing the podcast is currently looking at the four gospels.


Church Tech Weekly – http://churchtecharts.org/show/

Church Tech Weekly is as it says a church tech podcast. It’s become less weekly over the last year than previous due to some changes with the presenters jobs. Most of the presenters and guests have either worked or do work in a church as a tech director. Being an American podcast some of the content might not be helpful and can sometimes feel it is aimed at the larger church.


The Plugged In Church http://thepluggedinchurch.com/

This podcast again is a church tech one but is less techie and the presenters also deal with media, graphic design, and web. The presenters again are generally people who have or do work in churches. I really like the creative side of this podcast which is something that might be helpful more to churches who want to experiment with ideas.


Unravelling Technology – http://www.birchenallhowden.co.uk/podcasts

If you are a geek then this is a great one to listen to. It is produced by an IT firm but looks at technology as a whole. Its a bit quirky and maybe not as fully refined as the other 2 tech ones. If you like gadgets this is the one for you!


So that is a quick round up of what I am listening to. If you have any others you think are good do let us know.


Anthony Lear

Anthony lives in Sheffield with his wife Fiona and there 2 daughters. He works for AVMI within as a Event technician. Anthony is the founder of Church Tech UK, an initiative designed to support, develop and equip those that work and volunteer within a technical capacity in UK Churches.

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