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Life is Messy

I started writing this post the other year but never for some reason finished it probably because life got busy and messy. Since I started writing this I became a father to a very cute little girl who is nearly 14 months old. Now I’m not a tidy person by any means, our house is […]

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Vision and Plans 2019

Back in 2014 I launched a Facebook page and purchased a domain, CTUK was born. CTUK had been on my heart and church tech in general for many years. On October 18th 2015 I published the first blog post. In that post I shared the vision that I still believe in “The vision for CTUK […]

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Just Eat!

Who doesn’t love food? Food is one of those things that brings people together. Doodle pool:Back in November I decided it was time that the production team at mu church had a meal together as a group. Since being at the church I attend we have not had a single production team chill night. Having […]

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Installations – The First Sunday

Well you have made it! The new equipment is installed and ready to go now it’s just waiting for Sunday to come. Is that a new hairdo? You will always get people that either, notice things straight away, never notice it, or ask weeks later. How long has it taken you to realise someone has […]

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Installations – The Install

Having been involved with tech for many years I have seen some truly AMAZING and some truly AMZINGINGLY Scary installs. I am not talking about the equipment here but the actual physical install. Whatever your level of tech, your knowledge of DIY, or the vast collection of tools and drills you own installs are not […]

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Latest Review

The days of the bright, luminous, orange paper on the church notice board have passed. Clipart is no more, and comic sans has been banished to the font bin. Graphic design is one of those thinks that can often take more time than needed and if your like me and you are fussy you end up with […]

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